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Happy Father’s Day!

You are my beloved, conceived from love
a blessing from God above
I promised to be instrumental in your life
pledged to aid in your development
 and helped you thrive 
 I taught you not to settle for less
but to aim high
to do no wrong, but to do right 
I am committed to being supportive 
and stand by your side
 you are my joy, you are my pride
so, on this special da
before you pour out your 
tributes and accolades 
reflect on this statistic, this survey
there are millions of absentee dads  
who abandon their family, or run away
in their children's upbringing they did not participate
appreciate me, as one of the many men who stayed
then lavish me with all the praise 
 happy father’s day

Published by Charmaine A.

I have been writing poetry since an early age as a hobby. Now I write to share my love of poetry with others through this blog I speak. You read.

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