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I Can’t Walk In Your Shoes
I Haven’t Experienced What You Have Been Through
The Misfortunes, The Abuse, With No Help, No Rescue

Tough Times You Have Faced, Many Trials, And Disgrace
But Our Friendship Remain Strong, It Will Never Be Replaced
I Will Be Your Friend, With Outstretched Hands To Lend
Because I Am Loyal, I Am Genuine, Not Fraudulent
I Will Be Standing With You Until The End
I Will Give A Listening Ear, Wipe Away Your Tears
Showing My Compassion And Highlighting My Care

I Will Be A Shoulder To Lean On, Bring Your Tribulations
With Out-Stretched Arms I Will Be A Baton, I Will Be Your Liaison
Bring Your Burden, Lay It On The Table
I Will Be Available Until You Are Able, And You Are Stable
I Just Want To Be A Friend, My Willingness To You I Extend 
This Is No Pretence, Ride, And Die Till The End
Upon Me, You Can Depend, I Give You Myself
All Of Me, One Hundred Percent

©Charmaine Allwood-Hanson
Excerpt from Book I Speak You Read.
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Photo by Hakan Hu

Published by Charmaine A.

I have been writing poetry since an early age as a hobby. Now I write to share my love of poetry with others through this blog I speak. You read.

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